Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Baby Birds and More Shirts

  Hi there again! I feel odd about posting about projects I've done the past couple days all at once instead of one at a time more in depth but to be honest it has been a terrible past couple days.
  Both kids are sick but my Chitterbug is the worst and I can't even do anything for him really since he is too young/small to give medicine other then baby Tylenol...I'm pretty sick myself and so is the Hubby. And after muddling through the past 2-3 days I got home from work and he was getting ready to go to work and his boss texts him (yes texts so professional right?) to turn in his hours, uniform and badge...oh yes...
  It really sucks financially but it is somewhat of a relief otherwise they treat their employees horribly and now hopefully he can focus on finding a better job and be less stressed...Here's hoping!
  So I made some birds from Joel Dewberry's free pattern he shared on DIY Dish Here.
Exposed seams, vintage ornate folksy fabric for body, vintage mint sorbet  fabric for the wings and vintage wooden  beads for the eyes (macrame beads?)
I left out the belly section of the pattern to make them smaller (and use less stuffing) it seems like everyone I know is either having a baby or going to in a few months  and a colorful bird seemed like simple cute baby shower gift that I could use my box of scraps and outgrown clothes to make. So I made the first bird as a Christmas ornament (for Chitterbug's first Christmas) kind of test driving the pattern. I left all the edges exposed and rough on both the body and the wings, did some extra lines on the wings to suggest quilted wings and added some vintage wooden beads for the eyes. The second bird was kind of freehanded and I will pick it apart and finish it right just as soon as Chitterbug lets me have it back...he was fussing while I made the first so he sat on my lap for the second and I somehow made him a turkey looking bird in warm red plaid that made him happy enough for me to continue. I stuffed the wings and the tail and quilted lines in both for his teething hoping it will feel good on his gums.
Is it just me or is this sort of piratey? Anything to see that smile :)
Then I made one for the 5 year old's half sister I think she is 4 or 5 months old about now. Her parents are very into football and their team's colors are green and yellow so I made her a bird using a 60s vintage fabric it actually has yellow white and hot pink flowers on a bright green background but you can't really tell with how little of the fabric is used in the bird body since the pattern is pretty big.
Vintage floral body, yellow wings and pretty ribbon for a pretty girl.

Pretty ribbon tail, I tried to get the ribbon colors in order.

And another ribbon! I decided not to put eyes on this one since the body is patterned already and I didn't like the wooden beads on the last one much. 

Then another boy bird for the newly born son of my high school best friend. In high school she was always tomboyish and loved wearing army surplus pants/jackets/coats combat boots etc. so I thought I would use the cuff from a woodland print army surplus jacket she cut the sleeves off of years ago (I have been saving scraps for years and years) and use the fabric for wings, buttons for eyes and the tab for a fun tail detail for future playing with. The body is made out of brown felt I thought might be sturdy enough for a baby.

The completed bird on the side with the tab and button-so darling right?

The tab and button are actually functional :)

The button eyes turned out pretty nice looking!

  And then I made more shirts for the 5 year old...one of my favorite local thrift shops where I get most of my fabric has a sale every Saturday any color tagged clothing $5 and under is a dollar and 4 $1 racks of clothes that are buy 1 get 1 free so I went and raided their t-shirt and polo selection. Out of the giant bags I brought home I got some clothes for their bright patterns to make toys etc. out of, some fabric and lots of shirts I spent $38 which may seem like a lot but I have enough to make some shirts now that fit him and some after these don't fit, a couple shirts for me, a few that my Hubby immediately hied off with for himself and then fabric for whatever later on.
  I was a little leery of adding long sleeves to some of the shirts since they were XL's and I planned to cut the sleeves off, cut the core down and then cut the sleeves down to the right size, attach them then attach the long sleeves but then it occurred to me if I cut the sides just right and make the armpit before the original armpit seam I might not have to go through all of that so I tried it and now they are 3/4 sleeves and look pretty good on him actually :D
Here is a few of them.

I really love the yellow polo and the green is a velvet Quiksilver shirt. 

This blue one was the right size all over already except for the length-I took 2.5 feet off of it is it just me or does that seem proportionally odd to have such a long shirt?

 XL super soft Tee that his dad wanted to hie off with-Hubby has drawers full of clothes he doesn't wear...I will tackle them at a later date. He is the out of sight out of mind type so he doesn't wear it all.

I thought this mighty mouse graphic was cute :)
Tomorrow I will be making more birds for the babies I know are coming and maybe a few extra just in case.  I also need to start working on a quilt, that darn fabric covered cork board for my sister, some DIY glass hurricane candle holders, hand painting embellishments on the 2 sets of candles I'm giving with the hurricanes  . A sign for my Mother's craft room and pajama pants and some rice hot/cold packs for the Hubby's Christmas gifts...and covers for his android smart phone, G-Slate tablet, and his laptop...phew...all that, cleaning house some and keeping my Chitterbug and hopefully Hubby too in good spirits. And dinner if I can get to it!
  Actually Hubby might make dinner...he is such a great cook I certainly don't mind!

Maybe I should go get a head start on all that...hmmm...nah...I think I will go cuddle the Hubby.
Good Night/Good Morning Everyone!
Bonnie M

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Polos for a Party

  Hi there again! I intended on this post to be about covering the cork board but my plans got sidetracked when I realized how cold it was outside.
  In light of the weather I decided to refashion two adult polo shirts I thrifted on Thursday into long sleeved kids polo shirts for my older son.
Knowing we had a big Christmas party to go to today that would be held in a giant concrete always chilly building and his grand total of 3 long sleeve shirts are all dirty from the school week, out came the sewing machine and the fleece I bought at Walmart on sale for just this sort of project.
I started with the red polo shirt, and chose a dark (almost black) blue fleece for the sleeves.

The bright and quite possibly a woman's polo shirt.

I liked the color and this nice neat snap front for the school days  when  he has his hair done.
I flipped the shirt inside out, cut the sides down and started sewing from the cuffs down.
I actually didn't use a matching thread...I love this pale mint green thread though! and it isn't noticeable on the other side.
The completed shirt, you wouldn't know it was a 50 cent woman's polo would you?

On him at the party today. His choice not mine he had no idea I made it just for this :D  I feel sneaky somehow! 

A little long but leaves him room to grow up like he seems to every other day :) 

Would you believe he just turned 5? He is so hard to get pictures of he is always in motion!

And for the other polo shirt I'm not sure I like it as much but here is the before and after of that one:

    Well there you are, my first diy mini tutorial/walk through project. Not bad for a total cost for 2.50 in fabric/thrifted shirts and a little time. 
  I'm off to decorate my Christmas tree, soothe my teething fussy baby and maybe get some late night crafting and sewing done for Christmas presents I have slated to rush through. More shirts, pajama pants for the boys and the hubby, that cork board for my sister (yes I decided my teenage sister would get the most use out of it...now if only she were girly or liked retro/modern fabrics!) and a few other gifts...
Happy Holidays!
Bonnie M

Friday, December 9, 2011

First Post...thrifting and personalizing a cork board

 Hi there, you seem to have landed on my brand new very first blog post. Welcome! I am quite pleased to have you!
 I have been browsing blogs for a month or two now and have really been inspired by the amazing bloggers and wealth of knowledge, creativity, and spirit of giving that the blogging community seems to share. I'm not really sure anyone will want to read what I have to say or that I will be contributing much but I will give it a shot shall I?
 I went to my favorite two local thrift stores today and got a lovely array of fabric from one and some short sleeved adult polo shirts to refashion into long sleeved Polo's for my older son and a big bunch of sleepers and pants for my younger son since they both are growing like weeds. 
 I also found an adorable smaller framed cork board for 1.99 at the second store that I want to personalize by covering it with some of my thrifted fabric, painting the frame and adding some ribbon and personalized tacks like here: http://lovemyelement.wordpress.com/2011/08/31/fancy-framed-burlap-cork-board/ I love her bottle cap tacks! I think she used a craft kit that came with the tacks already white with the pattern but I am sure I can manage to make something similar. My husband is an avid specialty and micro brew beer drinker so I can save as many metal caps as I want or need. 
 My conundrum with the cork board is that I know I want to give it as a gift but to which family member? Who would get the most use out of it? And what fabric will match them/their homes? Tentatively thinking about a thick deep burgundy fabric that won't show pin holes...I will post some pictures tomorrow I think and sleep on it...Thanks for reading dear!
Bonnie M