Friday, December 9, 2011

First Post...thrifting and personalizing a cork board

 Hi there, you seem to have landed on my brand new very first blog post. Welcome! I am quite pleased to have you!
 I have been browsing blogs for a month or two now and have really been inspired by the amazing bloggers and wealth of knowledge, creativity, and spirit of giving that the blogging community seems to share. I'm not really sure anyone will want to read what I have to say or that I will be contributing much but I will give it a shot shall I?
 I went to my favorite two local thrift stores today and got a lovely array of fabric from one and some short sleeved adult polo shirts to refashion into long sleeved Polo's for my older son and a big bunch of sleepers and pants for my younger son since they both are growing like weeds. 
 I also found an adorable smaller framed cork board for 1.99 at the second store that I want to personalize by covering it with some of my thrifted fabric, painting the frame and adding some ribbon and personalized tacks like here: I love her bottle cap tacks! I think she used a craft kit that came with the tacks already white with the pattern but I am sure I can manage to make something similar. My husband is an avid specialty and micro brew beer drinker so I can save as many metal caps as I want or need. 
 My conundrum with the cork board is that I know I want to give it as a gift but to which family member? Who would get the most use out of it? And what fabric will match them/their homes? Tentatively thinking about a thick deep burgundy fabric that won't show pin holes...I will post some pictures tomorrow I think and sleep on it...Thanks for reading dear!
Bonnie M


  1. Hi Bonnie! Thanks for following my blog! It was very nice to meet you! Good luck as you begin your blogging journey!

    Lindsey Turner

  2. I think the cork board would make a good gift for almost anyone. And I think a thick fabric is a good idea to camouflage the pin holes. Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I know you will have a lot to share and inspire! You seem like a very creative girl! I love thrifting as well, and everything that comes with it- the ideas, creativity, and uniqueness of all sorts! Thank you so much for a follow, I'm following you too as you start your journey here, sweetheart!
    Good luck!

  4. you blog concept sounds very interesting to me ^^ looking forward for your creations :)
    love * Monstros no Armário