Monday, October 8, 2012

KCWC Day 1 *Happy Dance*

Hi guys! I feel so silly today. I somehow forgot Elsie Marley's KCWC Fall 2012 Challenge started today! I realized it had when I saw BeginwithB's Super cute day one boy pants
Such a cute color and love the lines changing directions! They look perfect for a happy active toddler :)
I most definitely need to cut out and sew up some pants for my growing Bird-he is 16 months and in 2T sized onsies, shorts, and sleepers. His shirt size is still 12 months but his legs are long like his Daddy's with fairly narrow hips and tiny baby butt so he needs 2T pants lengthwise and a bit tighter waist to stay up.
So pants for Bird are a big part of my KCWC sewing list. I've been very inspired by A Little Gray's Fantastic Colorblocked Pants
I love the two tone blue pants they look so cool to me!
I might try making some suspender style pants for Bird-it makes a whole bunch of sense as it might help me keep his pants on! He takes the pants he has off all the time while playing 0.0 so a couple varieties of pants for him as well as some 24 month sized shortall/overalls using Feather's Flights very cool pattern and tutorial out of some thrifted polos and my "Refashion" clothes stash.
Super cute right? I can see these being like pajamas or run around grocery shopping  attire :) I'm thinking of making them overall style with shoulder straps and buttons instead of doing the leg snaps. And maybe painting a cartoonish skeleton on a pair for Bird just in time for Halloween-should be cute, comfy and most importantly warm!
And then I want to splatter/inkblot paint some knit fabric and make some leggings for both Bird and our Christmas Girl like these Alisa Burke's Funky Painted Baby Pants or Willow Would's Inkblot Baby Leggings
maybe some newborn overalls for her using Made By Rae's Free Itty Bitty Dress Pattern for the top and just lengthen the bodice a tiny bit and add some leggings like Neutral Knit Baby Leggings Free Pattern and Tutorial or Make it-Love It's Super Simple 2 Piece Free Legging Pattern
 All three of those patterns are getting cut out either way for some super cute separates for Christmas Girl. I also have already cut out and plan to use The Alison Show's Tiny T Pattern for shirts, tunic dresses and maybe a hoodie and/or cardigan for the little miss.
And, and, and...It's naptime so I better get crackin on some of these! Cutting them out at least :) I am hoping to get at least an hour of sewing in each day and any "Prep" work will be additional and a plus. 
Are you sewing anything for KCWC? 
Bonnie MS

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday! A Late Birthday Present+ Reveal

Hi guys! I'm so exited! Look what I got for a late birthday present from my parents!
It came with a mint manual and what I think is a manual button hole attachment?

Flipped open it's very sturdy.

The machine tucked down in the cabinet-it's a simple cabinet no drawers just a cavity and the sewing machine bits.

Open and lovely machine popped up flush with the tabletop. :)

My pretty pretty girl :) 

She is of course as you see a 70's vintage Kenmore, didn't come with any pattern cams or other attachments . Just the button hole(?) attachment. The cabinet has some scratches and such and the thread spool posts are missing but I figured replacements would be easy to get online.

The bottom "Drawer" front swings out to create more room underneath for a chair-very handy for my growing baby belly. All in all I am thrilled! This was the best $30 ever! 

Aaand speaking of my baby belly :) I am around 28 weeks and really now starting to feel pregnant.

Wearing my vintage apron since it's kind of "Belly Interuptus" all the time now and I'd rather not get spots etc. on the high rise tummy.   I bought some nice comfy black tanks from Walmart to wear without looking like I'm in pajamas when I add a homemade belly band and still be comfortable. And I'm hoping they will still look nice for postpartum wear.

I wanted to do a cool reveal post but it will be a second before I am used to this new sewing machine so I shall share my excitement! We are having a little girl! We already had a first name picked out now it's just working out the middle name. I'm so exited! And so is my Husband :) 
*Happy Dance*
On to trying out this new sewing machine and hopefully sewing along to Project Run & Play I didn't get anything done for week one but I must say they have some fantastic entries! And the sewalong...Oh my! So many amazing projects!
My Favorite Entry:
Love the girly cute bodice but the hemline really rocks my socks! Go check out more pictures and details on Lindsay etc. (Liliash)
And some fantastic Sewalongs:
The Last Days Of Summer Dress

The Bias Top

Bias Shred Skirt Tutorial

Such a bright fun skirt! She posted a tutorial The Sunbeam SkirtI definitely want to make one like this for my daughter!
Super cute classy way to use bias strips for a baby girl! Cutest Girl Biased Outfit

Very cool boy way to use the bias strips. Cool Boy "Hidden" Pants

And so many more! Go check out the Sewalong Flickr Pool and be inspired for future projects and maybe to sewalong yourself! 
Bonnie MS

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Noes! Holloween Costume Ideas?

Hi dears,
I guess I'm temporarily stumped in the sewing category. I got the new bobbin case in that was supposed to fix my sewing machine and oh noes it didn't! It just did the same thing with the new bobbin case...sooo...I have to take the machine in to be serviced and hope they can fix it, I just don't know what the underlying cause of the problem is.
I will admit it's sort of heart breaking to not have it up and running but I can do other things I'm sure.
I am making more hair flowers for my Etsy Shop some jewelry and I need to put up vintage clothes, linens and jewelry I have scattered everywhere for it.
 On a completely separate note, does anyone have any good costume designs for an active toddler?
I've looked at some for Bird and they just aren't him...this will be his first real Halloween since he can now walk and eat solids. I'm not sure if I'm going to take him out around the town but I definitely want to take him down main street through the businesses! I want to make this diy Maternity Skeleton outfit for me, maybe just the shirt since I'll wear that by itself anyways and black pants are precious in my wardrobe! ;p
I would make Bird an Andy the Android costume or Cid the Android costume (new mascot for CyanogenMod) since my husband is a Android developer for CyanogenMod but I don't have the right colored fabric and haven't been able to find some locally :( that and I'm not sure anyone would understand what he was lol Andy is big and green with antennaes

 and Cid is a cyan sort of blue-more blue then cyan really-with squinty angry eyes and sort of looks like an Iron Man silhouette

...hmmm...maybe if I could find a cheep Iron Man costume online and painted it the right color?
Or maybe refashion some of my older son's clothes into it? He has a tee and track pants outfit that is the right color that I think he may have outgrown this for thought definitely!
I hope everyone is having a great sunny day!
Bonnie MS

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Run & Play

Hi guys!
Time for Project Run & Play Season 5! I'm so exited to see that they announced the contestants and weekly challenge themes! I'm not a contestant but I am very much hoping to participate weekly in the Flickr Sewalong pool with all the other fantastic sewing mom's out there in blog land.

Week One: 
Pattern Remix---For this challenge remix Katy's ( No Big Dill  )  Very Biased Skirt tutorial. 
For this I'm not completely sure what to do...I've never done anything on the bias but it looks interesting :) Since I have two boys I was trying to think of a way to remix it without being....well...girly and ruffled! So maybe a bow tie and regular little man necktie made of neutral colored bias strip cut linen? Small but I'm thinking it might actually look nice! Or maybe a reverse applique on a shirt or vest...hmmm...dinosaurs? Bears? Skulls? Stars might be too girly I think. 

Week Two:
Fashion Icon Challenge---For this week choose a favorite, notable, or famous fashion icon and design an outfit inspired by your choice.
I think I may have already chosen my icon on this one right before seeing the challenges-I was looking at current and past seasons of Alexander McQueen's fashion collections-his work is very odd and sculptural but there are always looks I love mixed in using interesting fabrics, details and patterns that I can see actually being worn in the day to day world. Most of what I see coming off the runways and such really is...not wearable for your everyday life especially for children. And more then anything I want what I make to be wearable, comfortable and I guess use-able for my kids more often then the one time it took to take the pictures.

Week Three:
The White Sheet Challenge---For this challenge you can only use one white sheet (up to a King size) as your primary source of material. 
Ooooh so exited for this one! The white part kinda sucks boys + white = mess (that and I have a maroon sheet that needs to be retired and could be used instead) but white it is so I was thinking about hand printing a pattern on some parts, maybe try this Etsy Fabric Printing Tutorial for smaller details-I know it really reduces the size of fabric I have to work with and there will be visible seams if I piece it together for something bigger but I think a cool funky print would go great on that toddler tank pattern I've been working on for Bird that I showed with the Houndstooth Hounddog skater shorts. Or maybe a button up for my older son with printed collar, pockets, and cuffs? 

Week Four:
Boys Week---You know how this one works---just create an outfit for a boy!
Boys week pppfffttt! I got boys week every week! :p I'm always delighted for boys week, that is actually why I started following Project Run & Play in the first place. I really want to get some cute shorts made for the boys while it's still warmer-our air conditioning units just arrived yesterday morning and of course the temperature dropped a good 15-20 degrees last night! I really don't mind at all I love Fall and all the holiday decorations, the cooler temperatures, how the foliage starts looking,  the smell, everything! I'm sure we still have some heat left, it is Oregon after all-if I count of cooler it will boil! I also want to make some overalls out of some huge thrifted knit polos and some pants out of some of my dad's old jeans. Gotta love refashioning! I have piles of clothes to refashion in our room (we share one room, the DH, me, both our boys, our cat and our Boxer and come December another baby) so I need to get my sewing machine fixed and sew some whirlwinds!

Week Five:
Holiday Wear---This challenge is to  design an outfit for any fall holiday of your choice.
Oh for this one hmmm...they say Fall Holidays but it's got to be wearable more then once so no costumes. We wear pajamas for Christmas for the most part so maybe some comfy pajamas for the boys, matching? And a teeny tiny set for the baby. Those would definitely be worn even though it's not exactly a Fall Holiday. Possibly some of these Suspender Trousers (really genius!) out of a nicer fabric or jeans and lined with flannel or a fun cotton?

Week Six:
Signature Look Week---Design your signature look.
Something cute with color, a pattern, lots of knit, and is really comfy to play in. 

So thoughts? Am I being to ambitious in this Sewalong? I doubt I will get a complete outfit for each of my kids but maybe a piece for each boy at least the works with their existing wardrobes and one complete outfit each at least. And as for the baby :) There will probably be much sewing there as well, just a bit quicker to come together being such a little thing and not needing so much fabric or detail quite like the boys. 
 We found out a couple weeks ago what we are having are are thrilled there is only one in there! We both have twins in previous generations on our sides so to be honest I was a little worried with how active this one has been that there might be twins in there-he joked about it and thought it would be cool if we have twins but me....not so much. Bird and this baby will be 17 almost 18 months a part and that is close enough for me I think. That being said the big "Reveal" will be pretty soon with some outfit posts since I know I will be sewing for this one as well during PR&P. I'm so happy about all this! We both are it really is a blessing with the complications my husband has been having after his surgeries having this baby is a complete miracle. 
Anyone want to guess what we're having?
Bonnie MS

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vintage Men's Trousers into a Pencil Skirt Refashion

    Hi there Guys!
It all started at this new Thrift store that opened up called ChristWalk here in my town.
They have the most amazing odd selection of clothes, shoes, and sewing supplies I could ever hope to find!
My first trip there I bought tons of vintage patterns and some clothes to refashion the most memorable of which being these black and white hound stooth vintage polyester men's trousers that looked like these here that VintageTrends is selling.
I somehow lost my before pictures so I have my in process and after picture to show you! :) I completely fell in love with these trousers-they were quite hideous as is on me but the possibilities! I could try punky hounds tooth skinnies for me or for my 5 year old...or some cute skater style shorts for both him and his little brother, shorts or a skirt for me-everything seemed so exiting I actually had to put them aside and really think about it forever before I could even try something.
At first I measured my legs and tried creating skinnies for me without using a pattern (I don't actually own any skinnies at all haven't since I was ohh 8 or 9) I tried them on and while the legs fit I didn't like the feel of them so decided to buy a good fitting pair of skinnies to wear and use as a pattern in the skinnies were a no go. My older son saw them as skinnies and couldn't imagine wearing them after one of the kids in his class made fun of a shirt I made him...aagh then what do I do with this fantastic fabric I adore? The waistband and rear had some looseness to it so I thought aha! A Pencil skirt! I know once my belly expands I will have to add a stretchy waistband or give them up but for now they are fantabulous!  I went ahead and followed Crafty Pirate's Fantastic Rock n Roll Skirt from Trousers Tutorial


The inside of the trousers had these yellow stains that wouldn't come out. From something spilling on them in storage maybe? They weren't in the usual stain spots if they got stained while being worn.


But they don't show on the patterned side of the fabric! I love this pattern :) I've already got my scraps turned into something it exited me so much! So many fun options...


I trimmed off the crotch parts like the tutorial said to, pinned the sides, and cut the legs off a few extra inches longer then I really want the finished skirt to be for an extra wide seam allowance.
I then sewed the sides up and tried it on to see what adjustments were needed.

DSCN0214 A bit loose around the tummy and high waisted but that's always good knowing I'll be getting bigger (and hopefully considerably smaller after the baby is born) This was before hemming. I also took the sides in a little more in a tapered curve in towards my knees trying to get that sexy silhouette :) When I hemmed it up I used a HUGE hem allowance 3-4 inches so I have extra to work with if I want to later, especially if I add an stretchy belly panel later on.


The completed skirt front, it hits right at my knee standing and rises an inch or two while sitting.


And here is the back. I didn't realize the back of my knees look so funky.

All in all a really cute pencil skirt! I wore it yesterday around the house and really liked it, I think I will add a slit in the back for walking easier. I normally wear pants or loose skirts so I'm a "Strider" as my Grandmother calls it. I would imagine if I wore it with heels instead of flats I wouldn't need the slit and it would be nice with heeled boots maybe this fall I think-and leggings!
What do you guys think? Okay for my first posted refashion for an adult?
Have a wonderful day dears!
Bonnie MS

Friday, July 27, 2012

Almost Monster Pillow

Hi guys!
I thought I would share a quick late night project I did the other night with you.
Both of my sons love "Furry" pillows and I had them all in the wash hoping regular pillows would do for a night (and quite possibly get them used to regular pillows-furry pillows hold smells..umm...stronger then normal pillows it seems) as it turns out, regular pillows are not on par with furry ones to my younger son and he just would not fall asleep.
With that in mind I knew I had some blue furry knit fabric I'd been saving on the fabric shelf to make something probably Cookie Monster themed since it is that perfect shade of blue.
I figured I would make a quick furry blue slipcover perfect for my little Bird to pet and cuddle to sleep with it so I grabbed the roll and an old throw pillow similar in size to the other random throw pillows I have (eventually I swear I will make them all cases and they will be cute! )
A little over 3/8 of a yard for 75 cents and I got it on a 75% off day

I laid out my fuzzy fabric on the table and set the pillow on it to get a rough idea of how big I wanted the front to be, most of my throw pillows are a few inches bigger then this one so I wanted to make the  case big enough to use on them as well.
I cut the front and flipped the remainder over to cut the 2 overlapping back pieces.
After both were cut it looked like this-exiting right? 
I sewed it all up around the edges with the fuzzy side facing in and overlapped the back pieces by a good 3-4 inches hoping to make it harder for my clever little Bird to take the pillows out. 
This is where it is an "Almost" Monster pillow, I thought about this as soon as I got everything stitched up but this pillow could have been super awesome with a tongue and teeth added into one of the seams and some crazy eyes like these super cool creature pillows
This tail is so cool for a little boy! Oh my I'll have to make one like this!
I love his giant eyes!
And this one I adore the cookie! 

I'm pretty sure I have more furry knit fabric so I'm going to make another furry pillow case and add eyes and a mouth to it for a real monster pillow-perfect for any little boy's room!

What do you guys think?  A fun enough boy pillow? 
Have a great day!
Bonnie MS

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hospital, Etsy Shop, and Surprise!

Hi there guys!
So sorry I've been MIA for so long it's been quite hectic the past couple months. My husband has been in and out of the hospital and went through many surgeries to try and take care of the Necrotizing Fasciitis in his abdominal area that he almost passed from...I am beyond thankful that it was caught in time! I am grateful for every day he keeps healing well and hope he'll keep doing good.

And another "surprise" is we are expecting our second child together!

I'm due December 10th and just got everything set up with our midwife and we should be going in sometime next week for our first ultrasound, which happens to be the 20 week ultrasound so we get to find out if it's a boy or girl *HAPPY DANCE* I was hoping to find out on the 18th of this month-I thought it would be a cool sort of birthday present to myself-but got way behind working with my husband's medical needs and my family.

Due to all this craziness and excitement making bills a bit harder I finally started putting my hair flowers and such up in my etsy shop RidingTheBonnieWay like I meant to do over a year ago I have some of my handmade hair flowers up right now and will be adding vintage sheets, vintage costume jewelry, handmade jewelry, baby clothes and related items I make like plush quilts, toys and am working on some boy patterns that I might put up in .pdf format soon for download. Is there anyone who would like to test  the patterns out when I have them ready?

I am so nervous about this new baby oh my gosh...already having a 5 year old son and our 14 month old son I think another boy is likely...and probably easier since we still have baby boy things everywhere though I did give all my newborn-9month old clothes to a friend when she had her gorgeous little boy so I would be collecting that again.

But a girl...would be wonderful! My husband wants a girl really bad he has had a very pretty name picked out for years that we had set if our 14 month old had been a girl and I am sort of wanting one to sew for and love...then we would have one of each together which would be perfect just in case these surgeries have made this baby our last.

I'm just nervous and anxious to find out I guess. I didn't have a baby shower for our 14 month old and maybe I might like to do that for this baby but when do you have a baby shower? And I am nesting hardcore already! I want to start gathering things and cleaning everything up and refashioning thrift store clothes into cute warm weather clothes for this new bundle of joy.

So there you go a quick update-hopefully I will be back very soon with some fun projects and some very fun Music inspired boy outfits to go a long with the Boys Sew In Tune Series

I'm off to clean and sew and sketch some ideas up! Have a wonderful day dears!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picc-A-Dilly and a Country Girl Hair Flower

Hi there dears!
I am back like promised with a quick mini jewelry thrift haul, we went to Eugene's Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market on Saturday and I walked away with vintage fabric fat quarters, some buttons, lace and jewelry! Sorry for the pictures not being the best, for whatever reason I grabbed the Nikon I let the kids use instead of my Canon and took these quick in our dark cave like bedroom.
Cute Vintage (Bakelite?) turquoise and Rhinestone silver earrings. I actually wore these to work today! $1 

Gorgeous Gorgeous Vintage Rhinestone studs-the center of the "Flower" is a clear sparkly rhinestone then is surrounded by blue/turquoise/aqua/mint rhinestones...not sure what to call them. Iridescent blue green maybe? I wore these for almost a week, they are real silver too I didn't react to them at all. 50 cents.
A simple short silver necklace, thick enough it might not  break if the baby grabs it for a second. $1

Hot pink hoops with dangling stars-missing one hook and  the other was....well...crusty with rust.  $1

These are from the sewing booth...I know they are some sort of notion but not sure what-metal toggle closure maybe? I got these wanting to make earring out of them $1.50

I put new hooks on both after cleaning the dangling parts well :) Such an easy fix! I keep extra hooks etc findings with my beading supplies just for finds like these.

And the unknown sewing notions turned into earrings! What do you think?

 I also got a rhinestone and silver ring that I am wearing but haven't managed to get a good picture of I think I will try tomorrow in natural light with the flash off.  I am always trying to improve my photography skills.

Now on to the Country Girl Hair flower! I make hair flower clips and broaches all the time out of silk and fabric flowers feather etc. but I came across this great No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial From Craftberry Bush 

And decided to whip up a fabric flower real quick from my scrap bag, the fabric was chosen because I liked the colors and it wasn't fraying much at all. 
A Country themed fabric scrap in pink blue mint and white.

Even though I used Craftberry's Petal cutting technique I didn't starch and I sewed the petals together. The glue is to fix the felt and clip to the flowers really securely since I work out in the weather and it's hard on the flowers.

This is the true colors of the flowers-I made one main flowers with a heart shaped flowery button in the center and 2 flowers on each side off center just to add more oomph. One is bigger and one is a bit smaller to vary things up a bit.

Here is the center isn't that vintage button the cutest? Makes me wish I had a little girl!

And here is a not so great shot of the back of the flower, I use white felt for most of my backings  I really like  how a thicker felt helps the flower hold it's shape underneath. I put the clip in off center as well as at an angle so it will slide in perfectly beside any updo I might put my hair up in and look nice.
And there you have it! A Country girl everyday fabric hair flower, I love this because I am not afraid to mess it up and can wear it anytime. It is very different from my usual hair flowers though! I made a few green ones for St. Patrick's Day and will do a tutorial on making a few different hair flowers soon I think. Here are some recent ones. 

Any particular one you might like to see a tutorial on? Any colors? With or without feathers? Let me know dears :)
Have a wonderful day!
Bonnie M