Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weekly Refashion Link Party

Hi there dears! I've been working quite a bit and doing some rearranging of our room (I share a room with the hubby, 5 year old, 8 month old, our boxer, and our cat) and have been completely over whelmed by all the STUFF piled crammed and overflowing all around us. Adding to it I have quite a bit of fabric, crafting supplies, and clothes to refashion adjust etc. floating about so I was thinking about doing a weekly clothes refashion/crafty day with a link party if anyone is interested in doing something similar? I don't know about everyone else but I have to set up my sewing machine then take it down after I'm done so it gets to be a bit of a hassle sometimes so finding time weekly to get several projects done seems like a good way to get things done. I also plan on doing more thrifting posts, I went to my favorite thrift store to get something so simple but they just happened to have all baby/kids items 50% off and all the bed linens were also 50% needless to say I came home with a bunch of cute vintage sheets, one set is cartoonized Pirates of the Caribbean for the 5 year old and some pillow cases I plan on using for our bed but the rest will probably be turned into other things, quilts, pillow cases, clothes etc. maybe some of the super cute vintage florals will be put on my etsy shop but I'm still thinking about that. I also went to Goodwill yesterday with my sister to find her a formal dress (her first formal dance at school) and grabbed some fabric while I was there that I am delighted with :) I know one or two will become pants for the 5 year old using the Figgy's Dappy Dillenger pattern I just got in the mail *Happy Dance* I'm so exited! I think I will take pictures and post about my finds tomorrow after work.
 *More Happy Dancing*
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Let me know if you are interested in doing a refashion link party and such. Has anyone seen the awesome entries in this season's Project Run & Play? They are on Boys Week (week 2) right now and I'm so exited to see what people come up with!
Bonnie MS

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Fabric Cover Cork Board DIY and Thrift Haul

 Hello again everyone! How was your Holidays? I hope they were full of joy! I didn't get nearly as many presents done as I planned but it turned out lovely anyways.
 I actually uploaded some pictures today so I can show you the final result of that fabric covered cork board!

I forgot to take before pictures but it looked like your average shabby banged up second hand cork board...I cut, finished the edges and ironed the fabric my sister picked out of my scrap box (she had no idea what it was for she just showed interest in it)
I then hot glued the fabric in over the cork, I also used some elmer's glue to help hold the fabric down how I wanted it. I then went to paint the frame, at first I thought I would paint it silver but it wouldn't stand out against my sister's walls so I mixed my metallic bronze, copper, and silver craft paints into a rich brown.
Added a bow and some pins in a heart shape and now it sits in her room :D she seemed to have quite liked it and I must say the frame did turn out nice. I've actually thought of painting all my wooden picture frames the same way I liked it so much! But I love color more I think...Here it is in her room-such bright walls right? She chose the color when she was 5 and it's been the same brilliant lavender since.

Yay! Finished! I actually got that done and under the Christmas tree in time. So this is a little delayed :D On a mostly unrelated note I have some pictures of a recent thrift haul I'm so exited about! I took pictures of everything except the fabric and clothes I've gotten the past month since this "Haul" is mostly accumulative of the last month.
6 matching very nicely made wood picture frames .75 each. I'm thinking I will put pictures of the kids in there and make a photo wall, thinking about painting them turquoise, aqua or orange. Thoughts?

2 wood framed punched tin covered shelves-I'm planning on painting these and then putting them up and using them to keep all the baby's medicines (mylicon, tylenol, colic tablets, rash creams etc.) all together in plain view on the wall so my husband can find them when he needs them.

pre quilted peach colored quilt backing for a quilt I'm making my best friend's unborn daughter.  It will be full sized not baby sized and in colors I hope she can grow with and still use without it being cutesy...

Scraps for the front of the quilt and cream colored bias tape for edges, not quite sure of a pattern yet.

the accent fabrics for the front of the quilt-all vintage. I love the girlishness of the floral and the clean lines of the grey and grownup pink.

This gorgeous floral is the main fabric the center of the quilt front...I am so in love with this fabric I wish I had more to make something for myself too! 

I know I will love this speaks to the Victorian prissy miss inside me like I used to be as a little girl. I would keep it...but I want to make something beautiful, perfect and stand out for my best friends unborn girl (Named Olivia Page I hear by her Daddy though Mommy isn't quite sure yet.) Something she can use as she grows that won't be too cutesy or become outdated.

Blouse Patterns! Simplicity 2501 and New look 6407. .25 each. I love the look of button up  blouses and I wear them every day at work as a part of my uniform but at 5'5" I have a defined hourglass with a bust of around 50" so store bought shirts especially tailored looking button ups never ever fit right. 

The striped dress is one my mother had when I was little-I loved it! So I had to buy this pattern to recreate it for myself. Simplicity 5845 and the mens shorts look just like my husband's favorite ratty holey board shorts he loves so much, uncut Simplicity 9940-score!

Singer's How to make bedspreads, duvets, coverlets, shams and curtains for vanity tables. 

Iron on transfers for painting or embroidery. 


Vegetables-I can see these on kitchen towels already!

Coffee :) I am a coffee fiend! I thought about doing these on my pillows.

Birds, different birds for every day of the week, I think these will be nice on pillows and on quilts maybe?

A collection! Kitten, puppy, love, mushrooms, roosters, and a trio of adorable owls!

McCall's 4542, going to make this outfit for my youngest asap-so cute! Butterick 4246, little sailor outfits maybe his next Halloween costume? And Simplicity 6228 for when he gets a little bigger-He'll look just like John Boy Walton!

New Look E6015 and Simplicity E2124 which I will do asap for the youngest.  

Patterns for me for a summer wardrobe hopefully! Simplicity E2418, Simplicity E2051, Simplicity E2410, Simplicity E2884, and Simplicity E2412. 

Patterns for the oldest, New Look E6847, McCall's 3193, Simplicity 2738, and McCall's 7679 which might be his next Halloween costume if I make it "Awesome" enough. I want to make him some pajamas hence all the pajama patterns. I noticed it's really hard to find boys patterns, why is that?

And my last pattern buy for myself, a shirt pattern, New Look E6034 and some  super soft blue and white ribbed knit I got for 2.00 a yard that will hopefully work well for it. 

And this is the whole reason I went to the thrift store-a new bumper for the crib-since the baby has torn all his puny little ties off his white bumper and I needed something to replace it while I took the other one out and sewed hefty ties on and more of them. I found this unisex super soft minky bumper and he loves it already :D

And that is last month's thrift haul. Excluding fabric (which I am now realizing looking at patterns I don't have enough/enough yardage of) and some clothes to be refashioned.

P. S.
I just bought the Amazing Dapper Trouser pattern I came across on Made by Rae  for my boys from Patterns By Figgy's which apparently is in Portland so they should be here in a day or two since they are so close to me! Yay! Cute pants that will work for school and playing! Perfect to go with his new skateboard...maybe in a bright color like these from Elsie Marley? I love the color and contrasting piping!

*Happy Dance*
Bonnie M

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