Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Picc-A-Dilly and a Country Girl Hair Flower

Hi there dears!
I am back like promised with a quick mini jewelry thrift haul, we went to Eugene's Picc-A-Dilly Flea Market on Saturday and I walked away with vintage fabric fat quarters, some buttons, lace and jewelry! Sorry for the pictures not being the best, for whatever reason I grabbed the Nikon I let the kids use instead of my Canon and took these quick in our dark cave like bedroom.
Cute Vintage (Bakelite?) turquoise and Rhinestone silver earrings. I actually wore these to work today! $1 

Gorgeous Gorgeous Vintage Rhinestone studs-the center of the "Flower" is a clear sparkly rhinestone then is surrounded by blue/turquoise/aqua/mint rhinestones...not sure what to call them. Iridescent blue green maybe? I wore these for almost a week, they are real silver too I didn't react to them at all. 50 cents.
A simple short silver necklace, thick enough it might not  break if the baby grabs it for a second. $1

Hot pink hoops with dangling stars-missing one hook and  the other was....well...crusty with rust.  $1

These are from the sewing booth...I know they are some sort of notion but not sure what-metal toggle closure maybe? I got these wanting to make earring out of them $1.50

I put new hooks on both after cleaning the dangling parts well :) Such an easy fix! I keep extra hooks etc findings with my beading supplies just for finds like these.

And the unknown sewing notions turned into earrings! What do you think?

 I also got a rhinestone and silver ring that I am wearing but haven't managed to get a good picture of I think I will try tomorrow in natural light with the flash off.  I am always trying to improve my photography skills.

Now on to the Country Girl Hair flower! I make hair flower clips and broaches all the time out of silk and fabric flowers feather etc. but I came across this great No Sew Fabric Flower Tutorial From Craftberry Bush 

And decided to whip up a fabric flower real quick from my scrap bag, the fabric was chosen because I liked the colors and it wasn't fraying much at all. 
A Country themed fabric scrap in pink blue mint and white.

Even though I used Craftberry's Petal cutting technique I didn't starch and I sewed the petals together. The glue is to fix the felt and clip to the flowers really securely since I work out in the weather and it's hard on the flowers.

This is the true colors of the flowers-I made one main flowers with a heart shaped flowery button in the center and 2 flowers on each side off center just to add more oomph. One is bigger and one is a bit smaller to vary things up a bit.

Here is the center isn't that vintage button the cutest? Makes me wish I had a little girl!

And here is a not so great shot of the back of the flower, I use white felt for most of my backings  I really like  how a thicker felt helps the flower hold it's shape underneath. I put the clip in off center as well as at an angle so it will slide in perfectly beside any updo I might put my hair up in and look nice.
And there you have it! A Country girl everyday fabric hair flower, I love this because I am not afraid to mess it up and can wear it anytime. It is very different from my usual hair flowers though! I made a few green ones for St. Patrick's Day and will do a tutorial on making a few different hair flowers soon I think. Here are some recent ones. 

Any particular one you might like to see a tutorial on? Any colors? With or without feathers? Let me know dears :)
Have a wonderful day!
Bonnie M

Friday, March 2, 2012

In The Works: an update!

Hi there everyone! I'm sorry for asking about a thrifting link party and then disappearing.
It's been a hectic couple of weeks...more weeks then I care to count but I'm back!  I have a couple of projects going at the moment, some painting, jewelry, lots of baby gifts a friend I work with had her son and my best friend had her daughter early so the pressure is on! I have all the fabric and have started cutting it into strips for her big girl quilt but need to cut quite a bit more and start piecing it all together. I am also making some thin summertime blankets for her out of vintage thrifted fabric-when I really thought about everything I have been given for my son I used his light thin blankets layered when he was born then just those once it got warm-I think they were the most used gift I got actually. I really like this semi tutorial for thin blankets over at I Am Momma-Hear Me Roar I'm not planning on going so in depth for the little boy he already has multiples of everything so I thought I would make him some stuffed ribbon toys, maybe some dinosaurs since that is his nursey theme.
Then I have some refashions planned for myself, thinking I will give myself a refashion challenge maybe a month of refashions? Barring work clothes since I have to wear black slacks and a white button up with tie etc. at work...or maybe I should tackle that refashion men's shirts and slacks/trousers into work clothes? What do you think?
I will have a little guideline/rules to go by before I do it definitely and will post them up here beforehand, anyone else like to try this with me?
I am also very delighted to be participating in Mon Petit Lyons Covert Robin Gift Swap

Hurray! I must go get sewing crafting and dance with my fussy baby. Just wanted to post a little update and let everyone know I am coming back with some fun thrifty finds and projects very soon!
Bonnie MS