Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hospital, Etsy Shop, and Surprise!

Hi there guys!
So sorry I've been MIA for so long it's been quite hectic the past couple months. My husband has been in and out of the hospital and went through many surgeries to try and take care of the Necrotizing Fasciitis in his abdominal area that he almost passed from...I am beyond thankful that it was caught in time! I am grateful for every day he keeps healing well and hope he'll keep doing good.

And another "surprise" is we are expecting our second child together!

I'm due December 10th and just got everything set up with our midwife and we should be going in sometime next week for our first ultrasound, which happens to be the 20 week ultrasound so we get to find out if it's a boy or girl *HAPPY DANCE* I was hoping to find out on the 18th of this month-I thought it would be a cool sort of birthday present to myself-but got way behind working with my husband's medical needs and my family.

Due to all this craziness and excitement making bills a bit harder I finally started putting my hair flowers and such up in my etsy shop RidingTheBonnieWay like I meant to do over a year ago I have some of my handmade hair flowers up right now and will be adding vintage sheets, vintage costume jewelry, handmade jewelry, baby clothes and related items I make like plush quilts, toys and am working on some boy patterns that I might put up in .pdf format soon for download. Is there anyone who would like to test  the patterns out when I have them ready?

I am so nervous about this new baby oh my gosh...already having a 5 year old son and our 14 month old son I think another boy is likely...and probably easier since we still have baby boy things everywhere though I did give all my newborn-9month old clothes to a friend when she had her gorgeous little boy so I would be collecting that again.

But a girl...would be wonderful! My husband wants a girl really bad he has had a very pretty name picked out for years that we had set if our 14 month old had been a girl and I am sort of wanting one to sew for and love...then we would have one of each together which would be perfect just in case these surgeries have made this baby our last.

I'm just nervous and anxious to find out I guess. I didn't have a baby shower for our 14 month old and maybe I might like to do that for this baby but when do you have a baby shower? And I am nesting hardcore already! I want to start gathering things and cleaning everything up and refashioning thrift store clothes into cute warm weather clothes for this new bundle of joy.

So there you go a quick update-hopefully I will be back very soon with some fun projects and some very fun Music inspired boy outfits to go a long with the Boys Sew In Tune Series

I'm off to clean and sew and sketch some ideas up! Have a wonderful day dears!

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