Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oh Noes! Holloween Costume Ideas?

Hi dears,
I guess I'm temporarily stumped in the sewing category. I got the new bobbin case in that was supposed to fix my sewing machine and oh noes it didn't! It just did the same thing with the new bobbin case...sooo...I have to take the machine in to be serviced and hope they can fix it, I just don't know what the underlying cause of the problem is.
I will admit it's sort of heart breaking to not have it up and running but I can do other things I'm sure.
I am making more hair flowers for my Etsy Shop some jewelry and I need to put up vintage clothes, linens and jewelry I have scattered everywhere for it.
 On a completely separate note, does anyone have any good costume designs for an active toddler?
I've looked at some for Bird and they just aren't him...this will be his first real Halloween since he can now walk and eat solids. I'm not sure if I'm going to take him out around the town but I definitely want to take him down main street through the businesses! I want to make this diy Maternity Skeleton outfit for me, maybe just the shirt since I'll wear that by itself anyways and black pants are precious in my wardrobe! ;p
I would make Bird an Andy the Android costume or Cid the Android costume (new mascot for CyanogenMod) since my husband is a Android developer for CyanogenMod but I don't have the right colored fabric and haven't been able to find some locally :( that and I'm not sure anyone would understand what he was lol Andy is big and green with antennaes

 and Cid is a cyan sort of blue-more blue then cyan really-with squinty angry eyes and sort of looks like an Iron Man silhouette

...hmmm...maybe if I could find a cheep Iron Man costume online and painted it the right color?
Or maybe refashion some of my older son's clothes into it? He has a tee and track pants outfit that is the right color that I think he may have outgrown this for thought definitely!
I hope everyone is having a great sunny day!
Bonnie MS

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