Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Run & Play

Hi guys!
Time for Project Run & Play Season 5! I'm so exited to see that they announced the contestants and weekly challenge themes! I'm not a contestant but I am very much hoping to participate weekly in the Flickr Sewalong pool with all the other fantastic sewing mom's out there in blog land.

Week One: 
Pattern Remix---For this challenge remix Katy's ( No Big Dill  )  Very Biased Skirt tutorial. 
For this I'm not completely sure what to do...I've never done anything on the bias but it looks interesting :) Since I have two boys I was trying to think of a way to remix it without being....well...girly and ruffled! So maybe a bow tie and regular little man necktie made of neutral colored bias strip cut linen? Small but I'm thinking it might actually look nice! Or maybe a reverse applique on a shirt or vest...hmmm...dinosaurs? Bears? Skulls? Stars might be too girly I think. 

Week Two:
Fashion Icon Challenge---For this week choose a favorite, notable, or famous fashion icon and design an outfit inspired by your choice.
I think I may have already chosen my icon on this one right before seeing the challenges-I was looking at current and past seasons of Alexander McQueen's fashion collections-his work is very odd and sculptural but there are always looks I love mixed in using interesting fabrics, details and patterns that I can see actually being worn in the day to day world. Most of what I see coming off the runways and such really is...not wearable for your everyday life especially for children. And more then anything I want what I make to be wearable, comfortable and I guess use-able for my kids more often then the one time it took to take the pictures.

Week Three:
The White Sheet Challenge---For this challenge you can only use one white sheet (up to a King size) as your primary source of material. 
Ooooh so exited for this one! The white part kinda sucks boys + white = mess (that and I have a maroon sheet that needs to be retired and could be used instead) but white it is so I was thinking about hand printing a pattern on some parts, maybe try this Etsy Fabric Printing Tutorial for smaller details-I know it really reduces the size of fabric I have to work with and there will be visible seams if I piece it together for something bigger but I think a cool funky print would go great on that toddler tank pattern I've been working on for Bird that I showed with the Houndstooth Hounddog skater shorts. Or maybe a button up for my older son with printed collar, pockets, and cuffs? 

Week Four:
Boys Week---You know how this one works---just create an outfit for a boy!
Boys week pppfffttt! I got boys week every week! :p I'm always delighted for boys week, that is actually why I started following Project Run & Play in the first place. I really want to get some cute shorts made for the boys while it's still warmer-our air conditioning units just arrived yesterday morning and of course the temperature dropped a good 15-20 degrees last night! I really don't mind at all I love Fall and all the holiday decorations, the cooler temperatures, how the foliage starts looking,  the smell, everything! I'm sure we still have some heat left, it is Oregon after all-if I count of cooler it will boil! I also want to make some overalls out of some huge thrifted knit polos and some pants out of some of my dad's old jeans. Gotta love refashioning! I have piles of clothes to refashion in our room (we share one room, the DH, me, both our boys, our cat and our Boxer and come December another baby) so I need to get my sewing machine fixed and sew some whirlwinds!

Week Five:
Holiday Wear---This challenge is to  design an outfit for any fall holiday of your choice.
Oh for this one hmmm...they say Fall Holidays but it's got to be wearable more then once so no costumes. We wear pajamas for Christmas for the most part so maybe some comfy pajamas for the boys, matching? And a teeny tiny set for the baby. Those would definitely be worn even though it's not exactly a Fall Holiday. Possibly some of these Suspender Trousers (really genius!) out of a nicer fabric or jeans and lined with flannel or a fun cotton?

Week Six:
Signature Look Week---Design your signature look.
Something cute with color, a pattern, lots of knit, and is really comfy to play in. 

So thoughts? Am I being to ambitious in this Sewalong? I doubt I will get a complete outfit for each of my kids but maybe a piece for each boy at least the works with their existing wardrobes and one complete outfit each at least. And as for the baby :) There will probably be much sewing there as well, just a bit quicker to come together being such a little thing and not needing so much fabric or detail quite like the boys. 
 We found out a couple weeks ago what we are having are are thrilled there is only one in there! We both have twins in previous generations on our sides so to be honest I was a little worried with how active this one has been that there might be twins in there-he joked about it and thought it would be cool if we have twins but me....not so much. Bird and this baby will be 17 almost 18 months a part and that is close enough for me I think. That being said the big "Reveal" will be pretty soon with some outfit posts since I know I will be sewing for this one as well during PR&P. I'm so happy about all this! We both are it really is a blessing with the complications my husband has been having after his surgeries having this baby is a complete miracle. 
Anyone want to guess what we're having?
Bonnie MS

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