Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday! A Late Birthday Present+ Reveal

Hi guys! I'm so exited! Look what I got for a late birthday present from my parents!
It came with a mint manual and what I think is a manual button hole attachment?

Flipped open it's very sturdy.

The machine tucked down in the cabinet-it's a simple cabinet no drawers just a cavity and the sewing machine bits.

Open and lovely machine popped up flush with the tabletop. :)

My pretty pretty girl :) 

She is of course as you see a 70's vintage Kenmore, didn't come with any pattern cams or other attachments . Just the button hole(?) attachment. The cabinet has some scratches and such and the thread spool posts are missing but I figured replacements would be easy to get online.

The bottom "Drawer" front swings out to create more room underneath for a chair-very handy for my growing baby belly. All in all I am thrilled! This was the best $30 ever! 

Aaand speaking of my baby belly :) I am around 28 weeks and really now starting to feel pregnant.

Wearing my vintage apron since it's kind of "Belly Interuptus" all the time now and I'd rather not get spots etc. on the high rise tummy.   I bought some nice comfy black tanks from Walmart to wear without looking like I'm in pajamas when I add a homemade belly band and still be comfortable. And I'm hoping they will still look nice for postpartum wear.

I wanted to do a cool reveal post but it will be a second before I am used to this new sewing machine so I shall share my excitement! We are having a little girl! We already had a first name picked out now it's just working out the middle name. I'm so exited! And so is my Husband :) 
*Happy Dance*
On to trying out this new sewing machine and hopefully sewing along to Project Run & Play I didn't get anything done for week one but I must say they have some fantastic entries! And the sewalong...Oh my! So many amazing projects!
My Favorite Entry:
Love the girly cute bodice but the hemline really rocks my socks! Go check out more pictures and details on Lindsay etc. (Liliash)
And some fantastic Sewalongs:
The Last Days Of Summer Dress

The Bias Top

Bias Shred Skirt Tutorial

Such a bright fun skirt! She posted a tutorial The Sunbeam SkirtI definitely want to make one like this for my daughter!
Super cute classy way to use bias strips for a baby girl! Cutest Girl Biased Outfit

Very cool boy way to use the bias strips. Cool Boy "Hidden" Pants

And so many more! Go check out the Sewalong Flickr Pool and be inspired for future projects and maybe to sewalong yourself! 
Bonnie MS