Monday, March 18, 2013

Ugly Patterns Oh My

I saw this ugly pattern link party and had to take some pictures of the ones I can find.

Somewhere in moving my pattern boxes got separated so these are not my worst of the worst ugly patterns but they are kinda ugly. I think dropping the weird lace details and using updated fabric will make them wearable :-) that blouse pattern really gets me but the white blouse with black polka dots and black ribbon details speaks...sort of Anne of Green Gables mixed with Fifties style with a dash of school girl...I have no idea it just speaks to me even though the other views are not so cute.

I think I may attempt all of these at some point soon if I can figure out what is up with my Kenmore. I have had non stop problems with her and think I should go get her completely gone through since I know pieces are missing and it is waaay out of whack.
My darling husband actually was going to buy my a new sewing machine from walmart for the mean time with the thought that I sew enough that if its a walmart lemon I will know within a few days and can return it for a new one until I get one that doesn't error. I had no idea until he sent me pictures of what he was looking at haha oh my...he was looking at sergers and an embroidery machine and a sewing machine he just had no idea what he was looking for and knew I have talked about all three. Love that man so much! Sewing is calming to me so he was trying to help me. Everyone has been sick and my 21 month old son was naughty and into everything today aagh...while I was making dinner I came out to him threading and unthreading the Kenmore sewing machine (no this is not something he is allowed to touch so that makes it all the more frustrating) he was using all the thread guides and everything...gaaaghck...clever naughty child isn't even 2 yet! How does everyone else teach their children about safety around the sewing machine? Is it completely off limits, a no touch, or what?
Anyone try a walmart sewing machine?
Bonnie MS