Wednesday, September 18, 2013

PR&P 7: Candy Inspired (Boy Version)

Hi guys!
Well I had a bit of an embarrassing thing happen with last week's girl remix-I sewed it almost completely up, went to try it on my daughter to make sure I was adding the right length of ties and realized...she has most definitely grown since the last time I made an outfit like that for her! I probably would have been fine if it had been out of a knit fabric but not so much in a woven. So that remix will be done at a later date-probably after PR&P 7 is over or maybe for a signature look.

So that all being said :) On to this week's theme! first I was a little stumped on a boy outfit with a candy theme; with Halloween coming up it brought to mind candy corn, then smarties and mike n ikes (those are my favorite candies) but then I thought about a few more traditional candies like Brach's Wintergreen mints and the green and brown mints that everyone has around Christmas.
I thought an wintergreen and chocolate mint outfit would be a great classic easily wearable inspiration.
I used the same shirt pattern I drafted from the Popover last week for the shirt, used a leftover scrap of a thrifted green and white tee shirt for the sleeves and a green bella band I made from a thrifted long sleeved tee shirt during my last pregnancy. The neckline is a bit big but I probably stretched the neckband and shirt as I sewed it on I think and it is drafted to have lots of growing ease.

A drawn detail he helped me with (covering stains I will be honest) done in 2 shades of green and brown.

The color of the sleeve stripes is brighter then the main body but close :)

And the back-all the stripes and the drawn band match up perfectly!
I know I really need to brush up on my photo-editing skills. Strangely enough I am really good with photoshop both photo editing and photomanipulation (See? I swear I am not too bad) Or at least I used to be; I have fallen out of practice for both the past 2 years.
And for his pants I used Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop's Skinny Jeans Pattern in 3t going up a size for extra ease since I knew I would be using a pair of my husband's old work jeans to refashion into pants inspired by this pin I saw Super cute colored pocket lining and cuffs and guessed it was fabric paint so very diyable and kidlet friendly!
I had to patch some holes in the jean fabric once I cut out the leg pieces-I actually opened the jeans up at the inseam and then cut one piece that was both front and back out of each leg, using the existing side seams for the side seams of the pants. I also didn't add back pockets; instead I painted on green pocket shapes to match the insides of the front pockets.
The front of the pants.

Where my son decided to "help" me paint some green onto his pants.

These patched holes are super cute to me for some reason.

More patching over some tiny thinning spots and the faux fly.

The biggest hole thankfully ended up on his rear-it is very sturdily patched and hopefully he won't pick at it and make it bigger with it in back.

The painted pockets.

Overall I am pretty happy with this whole outfit. I wasn't sure I could pull off a Candy Themed outfit without rainbow pastels or brights. But I think this works, it is quite sturdy for playing and has room to grow and has completely been from thrifted clothes that got quite a bit of wear to begin with so it really makes me happy to get more use out of the fabric. And get a whole coordinating outfit for nothing but a day of my time. 
Now for my girl look...with a new round of measurements for my daughter! 
Ta ta for now,
Bonnie MS

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  1. I love that it is from thrifted clothes!!! Great job!